Black & Creme

BLACK with some CREME added!

Today I decided to take a stroll to Philz Coffee. I know! You are probably wondering why did I pass up Starbucks, Peet's Coffee, and the 7/11 that was a little closer to me. Unless you are a coffee lover, then you will never grasp how those miles walk to Philz Coffee are worth it. There is something about fresh Black coffee beans that come straight from the Earth's ground, the aroma of a fresh steam, and the strong taste of Blackness that makes a good coffee versus a great coffee.Let's get back on track here! This is not about the coffee. It is about the strong Blackness of coffee that comes straight from Mother Earth that makes it delicious. Even if you add a dab of Cremè, the strong Blackness of the coffee will still leave a velvet taste on the tongue. What makes this true? Coffee is Melanin. Coffee is Black. The original coffee beans come straight from the Black soil in which all life is rooted. Black and Cremè reminds us that everything is rooted from the Black Melanin of which all life is created.
Black & Cremè represents the connection to the Motherland Africa, the soil, people all over the Earth with different complexions, the texture of fabrics, the colors of cloth, and the Melanin that flows through our Soul.
As you walk into your next coffee shop, pay attention to the cloth of the person sitting in front of or next to you. Watch the colors, watch the textures, watch the way in which the fabrics are woven. How is this cloth grown? Where does the natural resources come from in which this cloth can be rooted to create a final wearable garment piece?
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