The Brand

Mission and Vision

Black and Creme is a Black-owned and woman-owned re-education, sustainable, and eco-awareness online retail boutique that provides a platform for sustainable designers, small businesses, local California designers, and international fair trade organizations to sell their products on our boutique.  We also have our own in-house curated jewelry collection.

Black and Creme provides economic and environmental re-education awareness via Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube to teach people about equitable economics, the diversity of sustainable fashion, and the cultures who make up this beautiful ecosystem.

People, land, and fibre are at the core of our boutique. We are here to align fashion back with the Earth.  Black & Cremè represents the connection to the Motherland Africa, indigenous land, people all over the Earth with different complexions, the texture of fabrics, the colors of cloth, and the life force that flows through our Soul.

Our eco- clothing, vegan bags, recycled jewelry, and handmade accessories are timeless products that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Each item you see in our boutique has been sourced and curated consciously with love.


Shift.  Root.  Inform.

Shift: Shifting the supply chain through increasing access to equitable economics.

Root: Environmental philanthropy rooted in racial equity

Inform: Environmental justice and re-education for all communities.

Our Commitment 

Black & Cremè's eco-commitment demonstrates our connection to the people, land, and fiber. We consciously curate our clothing, jewelry, fabrics, and partnerships to align with sustainable, economic, and community development.

While sustainability and eco-friendly practices are a huge part of our boutique, we believe that sustainability is bigger than this notion. Sustainability is giving marginalized communities opportunities to develop their own businesses and communities. Rather this is supporting smaller businesses or free trade organizations, we all can transform the web of relationships. Our packaging goal is to be 80% sustainable and reusable. We utilize packaging that is biodegradable and can be reused again as storage or gift packaging for others.

Our Community 

Black & Cremè is a brand that believes sustainable intersection involves uplifting Black and Brown communities. Below are non-profits and organizations that we support who implement the daily work that involves BIPOC rights, Black and Brown empowerment, transforming poverty, and environmental justice.